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The Steven Michaan Collection of North American Tribal Art
The Art of the Spirit World : Arctic
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Grandmother Could Fly
by Sean Mooney

I take a small propeller plane from Nome, Alaska to the native village of Elim, which appears along the coastline from among the trees and rocky cliffs. There are no roads connecting it to any other place, and my once-daily plane is anticipated on each occasion by a small gathering at the end of the gravel landing strip carved out from a level stretch of ground uphill from the village.

It is raining but no one seems to notice, or to mind it. Besides myself, three others get off the little plane, after the pilot, who opens the rear hatches where the locals eagerly help offload a variety of packages, boxes, bags, rifle cases, supermarket shopping bags...


Mask Old mask
Mask Mask Maskette Tatooed Mask
Half Mask Tobacco Box in the shape of a Wolf head

Copper Fish Flint Container

Minature Dolls Head Trotta Doll Fish Amulet

Ivory Head

Ivory Head Dol Otter Amulet Bag Fastener in the form of a fish Caribou Arrow Straightener
Bear Amulet Harpoon Handle Ivory Needle Case Handle with Two Caribou Caribou Amulet Harpoon Socket
Net Spacer Ivory and Baleen Fishing Lure with Fox and Walrus Ivory and Iron Fish Hook Net Float Net Float
Net Float Net Float Net Float Net Plug Net Plug  
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