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The Steven Michaan Collection of North American Tribal Art
The Art of the Spirit World : Northwest Coast
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A man does not become an angakoq (shaman) because he wishes it himself, but  because certain mysterious powers in the universe convey to him the impression that  he has been chosen, and this takes place in a dream.

Knut Rasmussen,
Across Arctic America:
Narrative of the Fifth Thule Expedition 1921-1924


Totem Pole Shaman's Atalatl
War Helmet-Humanoid Animal Forehead mask Tsimshian Frontlet Tlingit Mask
Fronltet Headress Finial

Pipe in the form of a Seated Man

Horn Bowl Saxiwaxawei Comb Bone Club

Chief's Club

Killer Whale Dagger Orca Knife Otter Bowl grease bowl
Raven Rattle Whale Rattle Creaser Hair Ornament Soul Catcher x
Black Amulet halibut hooks Fish Club Soap Spoon Shaman's Aprrentices Frog Bowl
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